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#8679438 Cubic Clubhouse
#8679438 Cubic Clubhouse


915 Highland Pointe Roseville, CA

Rabobank NA, the California operation of the Dutch agricultural banking giant, recently upgraded its Roseville headquarters office. The California Rabobank NA operation is one of 270 banks worldwide that make up the Dutch-based Rabobank Group co-operative, which is one of the biggest banks in the world and is very active as a financial provider of banking, capital management, leasing, insurance and real estate. We were tasked to create a visually pleasing aesthetic with lighting fixtures that are easy to clean in high-traffic areas.

The lighting solution resulted in eye-catching statement pendants that can be cleaned quickly and easily in its loband meeting room. The shades are carefully crafted of laminated linen that can be wiped down while evoking the superb design aesthetics of fabric shades combined with the robustness of a laminate that can be cleaned on its surface. Additionally, the fixtures delivered glare-free ambient lighting for visual comfort and functional downlighting for convenient reading with illumination on tabletops and seating below.

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