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#8679439 OLED Tower
#8679439 OLED Tower

Manhattan Financial

Towering OLED Luminaires featured in Manhattan Financial Project

One of Manhattan’s most prestigious financial offices utilizes this breathtaking Organic LED tower to make a magnificent and stunning design statement in its lobby. The lighting project utilized 20 4’x4′ OLED panels on 20 levels, featured on a Polished Stainless Steel structure for a handsome look and exceptional durability. The structure spans two floors and is 30 feet tall. Each individual OLED panel can be controlled and programmed utilizing a DMX system that creates a broad range of special effects including slow fade dimming and chase sequences.


A major challenge on the project was to hide all of the wiring from the public’s view. After careful and intensive design and engineering, all of the fixture wiring was concealed for a clean architectural look. 198 wires were hidden in the Solid Steel Tubes that supported the structure and they had to be wired during the final assembly.  The meticulous installation was completed in three days.

A state of the art App was delivered to the customer to change and control all of the programs within the protocol. The control system, which performed perfectly, was created by London-based Pharos Architectural Controls Ltd.

Robert AM Stern Architects LLP was the architectural firm on the project.

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