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180 Maiden Lane

The 180 Maiden Lane Building is a modern tower in lower Manhattan with panoramic views of New York Harbor. The structure is owned by Norman Sturner’s MHP Real Estate Services and Clarion Partners. Lower Manhattan is in the midst of a proverbial 180.

At the helm of the lower Manhattan evolution is 180 Maiden Lane, an iconic part of the East River waterfront, re-imagined as an amenity-rich vertical campus that provides a perfect business environment. The building has evolved into a vertical campus, where convenience meets culture, and core fitness meets fine cuisine.

To get the drop on the most modern, sophisticated settings, the designer needed a bold eye-catching look in the building’s lobby which is part of the newly renovated atrium plaza featuring indoor park seating, coffee and juice stands, and a curated collection of inspiring works of art. To meet those aesthetic requirements, we provided 36 Clear acrylic globes in three sizes: 24-, 36- and 48-inch sizes. The orb styled pendants were suspended as a cluster of monopoints at various heights to accommodate the 30-foot tall lobby.

#234674 - 48", #236772 - 36", #236773 - 24" Sphere Pendants
#234674 – 48″, #236772 – 36″, #236773 – 24″ Sphere Pendants

Especially challenging were the 48-inch globes that had to be reinforced with additional acrylic plates that were glued in place for a concealed architectural look. The aircraft cables allowed versatile installation options and flexibility to transform a standard lobby into a cool, contemporary meeting place and business sanctuary for office employees and visitors.

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